La Rambla is working on the new edition of ENBARRO.

After a completely renewed 87th edition on ENBARRO, the Ceramics Fair of La Rambla (Cordoba, Spain), the organizers of this event have already started planning the new annual, only months after celebrating the last one.
During these moths, the organization has gathered new ideas for this project and have exchanged feedback on the last celebration of an event which has changed in a revolutionary way from its traditional organization in its last annual. Therefore, the expectations on the 88th celebration of ENBARRO are quite high and fulfilling them is the main aim at the start of this event.

The Organizing Commitee formed by the Town Council, the local Association of Potters from La Rambla and several political parties, has carried out a deep analysis of the most important points of the event and have launched the new 88th Annual of ENBARRO with the following news:

Even though the date in which the official rules for this edition will be published is not known yet, it is stated that it will be around January 2018.
Finally, as usual, any suggestion, proposal, idea or petition about this upcoming event is welcome. So in case you have any, please let us know writing us on the page CONTACT on this webpage.