The Local Council of La Rambla, Cordova, Spain, together with the local Association of Potters organise the 87th edition of La Rambla International Pottery and Ceramics Fair, recently called ENBARRO, and it will not be the only newness in this edition.

This is the oldest ceramics exhibition in Spain, as the first edition was held in 1926 and it has been celebrated anually since that year (except for the years of Civil War in Spain).

It started as a championship of the best ceramics pieces of the local potters in that age, and it has developed since then to adapt to the new necessities and new age. The longetivity of this fair has given it a great consolidation among ceramics fairs in Spain, but in the recent years the organizers have had to take different measures to adapt it again to the course of the current events.

With this purpose, although it has traditionally been celebrated during the local festivals, from 10th to 15th August, this year it has changed the dates in order to be more suitable for the turistic and commercial aim. In this way, the traditional event has been divided in two parts:

Both events are part of ENBARRO, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we are doing organising them.