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(Godella, Valencia, Spain 1965)

Xavier Monsalvatje artista invitado ENBARRO 2018 Exposicion de Ceramica de La Rambla

Graduate in artistic ceramics by Art School of Valencia in 1988. In this year, he gets an internship in Caldas de Rainha, Portugal. In 1989 Xavier is invited to the course of creative ceramics of Ceramics School in Manises and in 1990 he makes a couse of silk-screen printing in E.A.A. in Valencia. He is founder member of the artists society Purgatori en 1992. Since 1992, his work has been divided in ceramics sculpture, painting, installation and other several graphic processes, but always focusing on the study of industrial architecture, its architectural recovery, the aesthetics of these elements and the genuine impact it has on contemporary landscape and society. In 1998 he founds together with other artists La-Corporacion as a support and safeguard of the industrial heritage and in 2013 he gets in the association APIVA (Association for the Industrial Heritage in Valencia) and he is named as member of the International Academy of Ceramics, with headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pieza de Xavier Monsalvatje Artista invitado ENBARRO 2018 La Rambla Cordoba
Among other many activities, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions all around Spain since the year 2000. In this year he also received an internship from the Culture Regional Board of Valencia to develop an art project in Mali. During 2008 he made part of his last project “En Peligro Permanente” inl Fuled Internacional Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) in Fuping, Xian, China. From that time on, he has had the opportunity to perform different projects, internships and exhibitions in different parts of the world like Bornholm Kuntsmuseum, in the Ceramic Context event 2010; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee y en la University of Chico in California; also in Istambul, Turkey, in Taipei in Taiwan; in Kohler Art Center also in Wisconsin and many other cities and arts centres in Spain too.

Pieza del ceramista Xavier Monsalvatje Artista Invitado a la Exposicion de ceramica de La Rambla ENBARRO 2018

Xavier Monsalvatje exposición de su obra en ENBARRO 2018 Feria de Cerámica de La Rambla
His work has been part of several collective exhibitions in Mexico, Finland, United States, Portugal, Austria, Panama, Dominican Republic, Chile, Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Holand, England, Canad, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Mali, Argentina, Ukraine, Croatia, Namibia, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Egipt, Morocco, France, among others. His work is also present in numerous collections in arts centres like: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Ibiza. Spain; Museo de Cerámica de Manises. Valencia. Spain; Museo da Agua. Lisboa. Portugal; Diputación de Albacete. Spain. Arte Contemporáneo. Espacio C. Camargo. Santander. Spain; Casa Museo Alfonso Ariza. La Rambla. Córdoba. Spain;  Fuled International Ceramic Art Museums FLICAM. Fuping. Xian. China; Universidad de Panamá; Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum. Taipei. Taiwan; Espacio de Arte Contempo. Lisboa. Portugal; Varazdin City Museum. Varazdin. Croatia; Museo de Cerámica Contemporánea. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic; Fundación CAI. Zaragoza. Spain; Colección de Mail Art y Poesía Visual, Archivo Caribeño. Dominican Republic; Collection of Mobelfabrikken. Nexo. Bonrholm. Denmark; Special Collection of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Library. USA; Fundación Santa María de Albarracín, Teruel. Spain; Colegio de Cerámica Francisco Alcántara, Madrid. Spain; The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA; Gallery Judy straten, Horts. Holland; Kale Seramic, Çan, Canakkale, Turkey; Colegio de España. Paris. France; State Art Collection, Office of Public Works. Dublín, Ireland; University of Gölcük, Kocaeli, Turkey. Ayuntamento de Esplugues D’Llobregat, Barcelona. España. Ayuntamiento de Montblanc, Tarragona. Spain; Casa Caridad, Valencia, Spain; National Ceramics Art Centre Sidi Kacem Jélizi, Tunis; Collection Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia; Collection John Michael Arts Center. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA; Collection Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin, USA;  The Wedge Ceramics Studio, Reno, Nevada, USA, among other museums and private collections.

Obra artista Xavier Monsalvatje invitado ENBARRO 2018 Feria de Cerámica La Rambla

Activities that this artist will perform during the event ENBARRO 2018 will be detailed as the Organizers confirm them.